• Picture shows one of our centres with 30 computers and Teaching learning materials displayed on walls. We take special initiative to make centre a welcoming place for children where they feel connected not just to staff but also to the centre and its infrastructure as a whole.
  • Children leaving the Mindspark session area and progressing towards Small group Instruction area commonly known as 'SGI' for their class with the respective teacher.
  • Children studying in Small Group Instruction area where they are taught the concepts of Maths and Language by using several Teaching learning materials. Jodogyan is used extensively for Maths related topics.
  • For establishing a better communication with parents we focus on Outreach and meetings in the community as well as in centre. Picture above shows one such 'Parent Teacher Meeting' at Chhatarpur centre.
  • Govindpuri and Chhatarpur celebrated 1 year completion of centre on 16 July. All kids participated in the celebrations with enthusiasm and were rejoicing in the fact that have seen and been a part of centres for a year now.
  • 5 centres today serving 500 students - expected to grow to 30 centres in 3 years serving over 8000 students.


Why Mindspark Centres?

Can we help every child - even the one from the poorest family - to learn with understanding? The Mindspark Centres use a combination of technology and teaching support to provide personalised learning in Hindi, Maths and English to every child. Read more

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